my car2go experience thus far – part 1

Hi everyone.  It looks like this will be car2go week on the metrobabel blog.  Enjoy!

When car2go Vancouver rolled out, I really wanted to sign up. My wife and I are a one-car couple, but sometimes I need access to a car for work or errands. I already have access to the modo coop cars, but I thought the idea of car2go was different enough that I should sign up for it.

I signed up during the waived sign up fee phase, so I saved the $35. I knew I was eventually going to use the car. I actually signed up at the Love Vancouver Festival. A very helpful young lady took me through the sign up process and then I would get the card in the mail. (Sorry, I don’t remember your name, but domo arigato!)

the bonnet of a car2go vehicle

When the cars finally started rolling out, car2go had a special t-shirt offer at their little tents set up across town.  I didn’t get a chance to go out to these tents, but they posted via twitter that we could go down to their Gastown office and pick one up if we tweeted back.  Sweet deal!

Now I was just waiting for my Member Card. However, the Canada Post strike hit and my RFID Member Card was in postal limbo. Thankfuly, car2go had set up more orientation sites to sign up new members and allow members like me to pick up a Member Card.  I picked up my card at the Waves Coffee on Main and East 10th.  The car2go worker was once again very helpful and took me step-by-step on how to use the car.  He clearly explained that I must tap out in order to end the rental.  Very important because I don’t want to pay for unnecessary time.

screen capture of car2go PRO app

Also in preparation for my first car2go drive, I decided to download one of the third party apps from iTunes.  I got the car2go PRO America app to power my iPhone with car2go-seeking capabilities.  Don’t let the America nomenclature get to you.  Vancouver works on this app.  And so does Austin, TX if you ever find yourself in need of car2go down in the Lone Star State.  I paid for the app, but I like the features where I can search for the nearest car and book a car.  You can also search a map of the city to see where all the available cars are.  Also, you can load up the map with all the designated car2go parking spots around town.

By this time, I still hadn’t driven a single car2go smart car, but I was quite excited with anticipation.  Next post, I’ll go over my actual driving experiences with car2go thus far.

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  1. Hey!
    My coworker was talking about this a couple months ago, and we’ve noticed a lot of cars recently. Will’s definitely curious. Totally looking forward to your next few posts!

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