my car2go experience thus far – part 3

The second and only other time I used car2go was last week.  I was running late at work and I had an appointment to get to.  I don’t usually get off work until later in the evening, but I had a medical appointment.  Both locations are along Broadway, so the B-Line is the natural choice.

I was typing away on a report and had finally completed it.  When I looked at my watch it was already 5:08pm.  My appointment was at 5:30pm.  By the time I get all my gear together and hop on the bus, I was pretty sure I’d be late.

I turned on my iPhone and the car2go PRO America app  (Gee, these guys should pay me a referral fee).  I looked for the closest vehicle to me.  It was about an 8 minute walk away on a street two blocks away.  Perfect.  I went to book the car.  It had been over a month since I last booked a car2go, so I had to re-enter my info.  However, in the rush I was in, I couldn’t remember my exact username and password.  It would have been faster for me to just walk there and grab the car than actually fumbling around for my password and booking it.

screenshot sample from car2go PRO app

I found the car, placed my member card on the reader, and I was in.  Then I had to enter my PIN.  This is when I had an OMG moment because I couldn’t remember it off the top of my head.  You only get 5 tries.  Thankfully, third’s the charm and I was able to continue with the rental.

I put-putted down Broadway to the Cambie area where my appointment was.  In that area, there isn’t much free parking nor permit parking.  So that would be a problem.  I knew there were some designated parking spots in the parking lot between city hall and the Broadway-City Hall Canada Line station.  However, I was hoping for something closer to the medical building.  So I checked the car2go PRO app again.  There were two designated parking spots at Heather and Broadway.  That would be closer for my final destination.  The app said 2/2 available.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure if that meant two parking spots were available or that two car2go vehicles were available.

I rounded the corner at Heather and Broadway and saw the two spots there were already taken.  So I hung a left on 10th Avenue and headed straight to the City Hall lot.  Fortunately, there were two parking spots open.  I promptly parked the card.  Tapped out.  Again, it’s very important to have your card read when finishing the rental.  Make sure it says rental ended on the reader.

Then I had to conspicuously book it to the medical office where my appointment was.  As luck would have it, my coworker actually had an appointment at this office too.  She was able to leave earlier.  I quipped that we could have carpooled together in the car2go.  So I was still late by 5 minutes, but it was still worth grabbing car2go for the appointment.

car2go on display at Love Vancouver Festival

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