my modo experience so far – part 2

Following up on Part 1, I wanted to share some actual driving experiences.  I have had a chance to try a few different modo vehicles.  Some are in good condition and drive fine, while some are starting to feel their age.  The advantage of driving modo is definitely the variety of cars you can access.

Nissan Cube

The most interesting drive was a Nissan Cube that I used once.  It’s a really funky looking car on the outside and feels really boxy on the inside.  I’ve never felt A-Pillars so far away from me as a driver.  The car is great for carting around some extra stuff.  However, modo specifically stipulates that this vehicle is not really meant for cargo.  Modo recommends you rent one of their flatbed trucks in that case. I was only running a small errand with the Cube.  That time, I also took advantage of a permit only parking spot.  It was sweet to park in such a busy area, but not worry about paying for parking nor looking for parking.

2003 Honda Civic

I also drove a run-of-the-mill Honda Civic.  In fact, it looked exactly like the Civic I had back in 2003.  However, it didn’t drive the way I remember my old Civic drove.  I really had to push hard on the gas pedal to get this car moving.  I don’t remember having that much trouble with my old Civic.  I used this one for work when I couldn’t get our family car that day.  I basically drove from Kitsilano to Sunset Community Centre and back again.  It worked well for my purposes that day and I could claim back part of the mileage.

Toyota Matrix

My most recent ride was in a Toyota Matrix.  I had severely underestimated the time I needed to get from Patterson Station to an appointment along Canada Way.  I was waiting in line for the BCIT bus, but I couldn’t get onto the bus because it was full.  That’s when I spotted a modo logo on the Matrix across the street. I called up modo right away and asked if the car was available.  It was booked at 12pm, but I would be back way before that time.  So I booked it.  I stepped out of the line, used my modo fob, and was in the car.  I was really thankful for my modo fob that day.  I got to my appointment in time and avoided the tuna-can crowd on the BCIT bus.

Mini Cooper

There is one ride I’ve been meaning to try, but I haven’t had the chance yet.  I know there’s a Mini Cooper in the modo fleet.  I haven’t had a reason to pick up this car and use it.  It’s a little far for me to get to, but I may have to work my schedule around it’s parking spot if I’m ever going to try it.

Most of the time that I’ve used modo, I have booked well in advance of the date.  It’s usually because I have errands or appointments on days where I know I can’t use the car.  However, the one time I did make a last minute call, they were able to book the car I needed.  That really saved me.  Didn’t I say this running late thing was going to be a trend?

Anyway, I’m currently a casual member and am now seriously considering putting down the $500 share to become a full member.  Right now, I pay roughly $7/hour.  That’s still cheaper than car2go, but the full member rate is $3/hour plus a mileage charge.  So I just need to cobble together the $500 and just put it down.

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