Political Notes – 2 / Hornby Cycle Track Update – 15

Gordon is always spot on with his observations. He looks at some of the candidates attempts to improve the cycling-driving road space debate.

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Some candidates in the current civic campaign feel obliged to weigh in on cycling and bike lanes to appeal to those complaining, but aren’t thinking it through.  Some are flying ideas – like seasonal use and licensing – that, after a little consideration, have huge flaws that should have been evident to those proposing them .  In the event they get elected, what they think is a common-sense approach will prove anything but.

For example:

Ken Charko (NPA candidate for councillor):

First of all, I am in favour of the bike lanes …. [That’s always a warning – GP]

I believe seasonally separated bike lanes would meet more of Vancouverites’ needs. They would be available for cyclists, say from April 1 to September 30, and removed from October 1 to March 31, to make room for metered street parking. …

At the time of year when it’s darkest and dangerous, the separated routes would be taken…

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