Vancouver Civic Election 2011 Endorsements from around the web

Well, the big city election is just around the corner.  If you’re like me, then you’ve had a steady stream of phone calls from the big two parties, Vision Vancouver and the NPA, asking us to vote for them or attend their telephone town halls.  (Boy, are these parties rolling in a little too much cash.)

I’ve been ignoring the phone calls and erasing their messages.  I’ve been looking online for more information and came across a few interesting endorsements.

Michael Geller

Michael Geller is a Vancouver based architect, planner, real estate consultant, and property developer.  One of his biggest projects was working on the SFU UniverCity project.  He also ran for Vancouver city council in 2008.  He has two posts on his possible choices and definite “outs” for the upcoming election.  I don’t agree with all his choices, but it definitely is good to read about candidates that might not otherwise consider.  In his line of work, he’s also had the opportunity to interact with many of the candidates on a personal level.  It’s great insight to read about some of these candidates through Michael’s eyes.

Alex G. Tsakumis

I know I definitely don’t agree with many of Alex’s writings.  I remember reading a lot of his articles in the 24 Hours.  He was the perfect foil to Bill Tieleman’s NDP friendly articles in the 24 Hours, but he certainly does not pull his punches nor mince his words.  Maybe that’s what irks me about him.  All the same, I believe there should be balance in life and Alex’s view offer that to my usual views.

Actually, as I read some of his endorsements, I really appreciated his honesty and analysis of some of the city council candidates.  And he’s supporting Stuart MacKinnon of the Green Party for re-election to the Parks Board! So I think it’s worth a read, but you should just know it’s coming from a right-of-centre point of view.

Ned Jacobs

Ned’s name is fairly new to me. I just discovered yesterday that he’s the son of Jane Jacobs, author of many books on cities and economics that are classics in their fields.  Ned wrote an article in the Georgia Straight in support of the entire Neighbourhood for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV).  Who?  NSV is a very grassroots party that has actually grown from a group of neighbourhood committees.  I must say after looking at the NSV website and their candidates’ credentials, they are an impressive group of people.  They are talented folk who I also think deserve a chance.

Big Endorsement for an Independent – Sandy Garossino

All three gentlemen above have thrown huge endorsements behind Sandy Garossino.  Sandy was a crown prosecutor at one time with special emphasis on youth and gangs.  She’s also played a major role in stopping the major casino expansion at BC Place.  It’s impressive to see such unanimous support from across the political spectrum.  Sandy is definitely worth considering for one of 10 spots on council.

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