Good Reads 2 – A Convenience Truth

From the desktop of Gordon Price. I will have to download this new book from Condin et al when I get home.

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Another Fall book – this one from Patrick Condon’s shop at UBC: a collaboration by 20 student landscape architects and planners who in only 13 weeks produced a detailed 2050 vision for a sustainable City of Vancouver.

Seventeen students combined to do a 2050 plan for the City of Vancouver. The City of Vancouver is considered by many to be North America’s most sustainable city. ith growth pressures unabated, and with housing never less affordable, the big question looms: what next? This is where this book comes in. It contains the answers provided by a team of young visionaries. They discovered that as the city becomes more efficient, more diverse, more intensely utilized, and more equitable, it also becomes a more and more convenient place to live.


Patrick comments:

It is my pleasure to promote this book, a book emanating  from a new generation of urban thinkers.

Along the way…

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