How bikes can save us?

Fun infographic on health and bike use. I like the losing 13 lbs over 1 year of cycling part. I wish there were a graphic describing how much cycling it takes for me to lose my spare tire.

Biking And Health
Created by: Healthcare Management Degree



  1. Very nice.

    I can totally believe that biking is faster than driving. Sometimes, I swear walking is faster than bussing in the downtown core.

    I enjoy biking, but doing it on the road scares me to no end. I always feel like I am a hair’s breadth from getting hit by a car.

    1. I find when I’m riding the B-Line a cyclist is pretty much on par with the bus along Broadway from Granville to Main because the cyclist doesn’t have to stop. But I’m not brave enough to ride along Broadway like that, especially in the dark and rain.

      That’s why I’m a fan of separated bike lanes like the ones downtown. I would use them, but it’s a matter of me getting there on my bike. I could SkyTrain with my bike and use it there, but just haven’t gotten around to that.

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