Hastings West Historic Walk – Part 3

Hastings West Historic Walk Route

After leaving the Marine Building on our  Vancouver Heritage Foundation‘s Hastings West Historic Walk, we went east along Hastings.  Our first stop was the Vancouver Club, an exclusive club that has been a part of Vancouver since 1889.  The club’s website touts its members as people who have influenced the growth of Vancouver and BC.

The Vancouver Club

The Club is in an A-Class heritage building in the middle of the business district.  The current home to the Vancouver Club was built in 1912 according to Maurice, but it probably didn’t officially open its doors until 1913.  If you look at the date above the door it clearly says 1913.

Hastings Street entrance of the Vancouver Club

We just walked to the end of the block after the Vancouver Club.  There on the southeast corner of Hastings and Hornby was the Credit Foncier building.  It’s another “temple bank” building of the hey days along Hastings Street.  According to Emporis, the building was completed in 1914 and is an Edwardian style building.  The cornice (the decorative molding that crowns the building) is a distinct copper green that contrasts with the stone facade below.

Credit Foncier Building

Maurice mentioned that in the early days, the waterfront came almost right up to Hastings Street.  The Marine Building was just on the cusp of land’s end when it was built.  You can see the much larger windows on the top floor.  Obviously, some early day execs had a great view of Burrard Inlet and there weren’t so many buildings in the way then.  I can’t remember if Maurice said that the pillars in this building showed up on the inside or not.  I think it was this one, but I’m not entirely certain.

Just behind and above Credit Foncier in the photo above is the Norman Foster designed Jameson House.  It’s a residential tower that’s popped up in the middle of a central business district.  Is this the sign of the times ahead where the commercial properties are pushed out of the area or is it a one off?  Looking at the four giant cylindrical projections on the west side of Jameson House, it makes me think we could park George Jetson’s aerocar in one of those spacious balconies.  Also, this is probably one of the pricier residences in town now, especially since it is a Norman Foster project.

Next stop on our West Hastings Walk is the Sinclair Centre.



  1. Why don’t you add the Vancouver Lookout in your route ? We were opened in 1977 by the first man on the moon ! We’re located at 555 west hastings street, in the Harbour Centre ! the view of the historic district is awesome, and our specialized guides can always give you the information you need !
    pd: the view of the Marine building is amazing from here ! ( We loved you pictures of it by the way !)

    1. I’m blogging the walking tour over a few posts and we haven’t reached Harbour Centre and the Vancouver Lookout yet. We spent a little time there on the tour, but didn’t go in on the walk.

      However, I love going up to the Vancouver Lookout. I haven’t been up there since I taught ESL and brought a class up there. Keep that promotion going for those classes. It’s a great way to show our beautiful city to international students. Also thanks for following.

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