Opening and Construction Starts Planned for 2012 « The Transport Politic

Opening and Construction Starts Planned for 2012 « The Transport Politic.

The Transport Politic is one of my favourite blogs to follow.  Most of what he covers is about the United States since he’s based there.  Also, he provides what seems to be an inside look at the financing side of transportation projects across North America.  He’s just released his newest graphic/map for 2012.  It’s a map showing where all the major transit projects in North America are and what stage they are at.

Vancouver is on the top of my personal interest list.  We can see that construction is starting on a metro rail system.  That would be the Evergreen Line from Lougheed Town Centre in Burnaby to Coquitlam Town Centre.  It starts this year and opens in 2016.  Another city of interest is Seattle.  Seattle has a few projects on the go.  A new Bus Rapid Transit line is due to open this year.  Construction continues on the Link LRT and a new streetcar line.  Then further down the I-5 in Portland, the Portland Streetcar Loop will open this fall and bring streetcar service east of the Williamette River.

Up here in Canada, Edmonton and Calgary continue their LRT expansions.  Toronto is building the extension to the Spadina Line to Vaughn.  Then Montreal is opening more commuter rail.

Now I’d love to see a map of projects on other continents as well.


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