Hastings West Historic Walk – Part 8 | The Standard Building

Hastings West Historic Walk Route - the pin marks the location of 2nd CPR building

After Harbour Centre, the Vancouver Heritage Foundation‘s Historic Walking Tour of Hastings West continued down Hastings Street to the home of the Foundation, the Standard Building. I’ve walked past this building many times along Hastings.  All I know is that there’s the Italian Consulate inside.  But again, Maurice had us step into another lobby to take a look.  It’s not the Marine Building, but it is a gem of a lobby on its own.

The Standard Building - 510 West Hastings

The lobby was small and tight for our large tour group.  We basically took over the whole lobby and we lined up against the walls as we took Maurice’s words.  He pointed out the clocks along the top of the walls.  These clocks are a sign of business and commerce.  I guess you need to know what time it is for your clients around the world as you wait for the elevator.

Standard Building lobby

The walls look like they are lined in marble.  Indeed some of the walls are, but some of the walls simply look like marble.  In particular, there was a concierge’s desk right by the staircase.  He asked us to knock on it and it clearly sounded like wood.  The desk was another example of trompe l’oeil deceiving our eyes.  The wood ceiling with it’s little details is also a nice piece of eye candy to feast upon.

Standard Building elevators and mail chute

The elevators reflected a brilliant gold colour back into the lobby.  There were two sitting symmetrically at the end of the lobby and another pair of elevators just to the right. I love the giant mailbox between the first two elevators.  You can see a chute that runs down from all the other floors.  In it’s earlier days, people would have been able to put mail down the chute from the other floors.  All of that mail would have simply dropped into the mailbox in the lobby.  The mailbox has a giant coat of arms on it. It makes me think of something royal or imperial.  It adds to a touch of grandeur to this tiny lobby.  It may be tiny, but it is worth stepping in and just looking around.

P.S. It’s also recommended that you walk up the stairs to the side for a little peek.

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