Just back from PDX

view of downtown Portland from aerial tram

I just came back from a short getaway to Portland, Oregon.  It was my second time down there.  I found a deal on travelportland.com.  We got $72 off on our second night’s stay.  I think it’s worth checking out for a short road trip.  It’s roughly a 6-hour drive from Vancouver, BC if you get a short line-up at the border and if you don’t have to stop too much.

If you haven’t been to Portland, Oregon, I think it is definitely worth checking out.  As an urbanist and transit fan, Portland has some neat things going for it.  It’s America’s most bicycle friendly city and has an LRT system that reaches most parts of the city and the inner suburbs.  Portland is also the first American city to start the modern streetcar trend that seems to be catching on across the USA.

If you are a Canadian looking for some good deals, then Oregon is a good destination because what you see on the price tag is what you pay.  With no sales tax, it makes it easier to give up your hard-earned cash.  Currently the Canadian and US dollars are quite even, so it’s a good time for Canadians to go south of the border for shopping.

Apart from shopping, we explored a little bit of the city that missed the last time around.  We didn’t walk around any of the neighbourhoods outside of downtown last time, so that was on my list of things to do.  I also totally missed my chance to ride the Portland Aerial Tram last time because it was closed for a statutory holiday.  I’ll post some stuff about my recent road trip once the photos are ready.

One thought on “Just back from PDX

  1. I like Portland a lot. Nowadays I make the trip on Amtrak. More than one person travelling together could probably drive for less but for solo travellers the train trip is extremely pleasant. The border crossing is a breeze.

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