Conventions, Conferences, and Hotels – Boston

Arrived in Boston on a Tuesday evening.  I was in town for a big conference.  I am very fortunate in that my work allows us to come to these big conferences from time to time.  It’s a real treat to be able to fly somewhere like Boston for work-related continuing education.

My coworkers and I much prefer to stay at hotels near the convention center. That way, we can just walk to the conference itself and not rely on some shuttle bus.  That was not going to happen this time, though.  All the hotels in and around the convention centre had sold out way before we registered.  The only hotels left were back in the centre of town.

To give you some perspective, you need to know where the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center are.  As you can tell from the Google satellite map below, the convention centre is surrounded by mostly empty grey space.  It is in the middle of an industrial area with some hotels.

The hotel we stayed at was Marriott Copley Place Boston in the section of town known as the Back Bay.  The Back Bay is a busy area of downtown Boston.  Nearby landmarks include the Prudential Center, the Boston Public Library, and the John Hancock Tower.

The shuttle bus is supposed to take 9 minutes with no traffic according to Google Maps.  In reality, the ride takes about 20-30 minutes with all the lights and traffic.  Distance wise, though, the convention center is roughly a kilometer from the hotel.

So this was not the ideal set up for a conference, but that was the only choice.  If we had registered earlier for the conference, then we could have gotten the Westin which is right beside the convention center.

The silver lining in all of this, though, is that the Marriott Copley Place is connected to two shopping centers, it has a supermarket across the street, and a plethora of restaurants within easy walking distance.  So even though, we had to shuttle in every day for the conference, the evenings were spent happily in the Back Bay area.

Photosynth panorama of the exhibit hall at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center


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