Walking Boston – Newbury Street

Newbury Street is Boston’s High Street.  All the major clothiers and boutiques can be found along this stretch of road.  To be honest, though, with our limited time, my coworkers and I weren’t all that interested in shopping at this time.  Newbury Street was simply on our way to the Public Garden and the Boston Common.

However, it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  This was the warmest of all the days that we had spent in Boston. During the conference, the wind was crisp and would send a chill down my back.  It didn’t help that I was sick at the beginning of the conference.  Bostonians were out and about along Newbury Street.  Lots of shoppers and walkers just taking in the spring warmth.

Newbury Street shoppers

The sun was shining beautifully down on the street.  It was between 5-6pm, so the sun had the beginning of that beautiful sunset quality to it.  My photos don’t do any justice to the atmosphere of the afternoon.  I need to work on my sunset (backlight) photo skills.

 The most interesting shop that we came across was a high end clothing store, called Allsaints Spitalfields.  There were all these old sewing machines in the window.  There were 5 rows high of sewing machines and it took up the whole width of the window. Kudos to whoever came up with this idea.

Newbury Street also had its share of great, old buildings. What’s great is not so much the age, but that Boston has been able to preserve so many of these old buildings.  Plus, it’s not only individual buildings.  It’s entire blocks and neighbourhoods that look like they’ve plucked out of a bygone era.  These are pieces of living heritage.  Each and every one of them.  Each one is still active and is alive with history.  I guess this is fascinating for me coming from Vancouver, where developers have a tendency to knock down heritage buildings rather than restoring them.


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