Bike to Work Week – Spring 2012

Metro Vancouver’s Bike to Work Week is back again for its Spring 2012 edition.  It runs from Monday, May 28th to Friday, June 1st.  The organizing group, The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC), has rebranded itself as HUB and has a new look and new colours.

The Bike To Work website is the same and can be found at same website, though.  If you and your company have registered previously for Bike To Work Week, then everything is still up on the website.  I’ve been registered for a few years and I always try to log all my rides.

I am definitely a fair-weather rider; I detest the rain.  But for Bike To Work Week, I will try to cycle in more.  It doesn’t hurt that HUB and its sponsors have prizes for logging your bicycle commute on its website.

So sign up and ride.  It looks like it will be a little on the wet side, though.  So dress up.


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