Walking Boston – Quincy Market

After the horrid Brutalism of Boston City Hall, we crossed the street to Boston’s old market, the Quincy Market.

It’s really a tourist attraction with all the tourist trappings, but it’s all in good travelling, and all in good walking too.  The sun was starting to set and the chill was starting to set in.  This had been the warmest afternoon of our whole stay in Boston thus far, but the late March evening chill was starting to set in.

There was a giant crowd surrounding a street performer and his unwitting child volunteer.  I couldn’t see at all at my level.  The photo had to be taken with my hands up in the air.  It was a Hail Mary photo in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the performer.  The crowd was laughing along with the performer.  It was clear from their faces that they were enjoying the show.  I just couldn’t clearly see what was going on from my 5-foot-seven perspective.

Quincy Market is primarily one long narrow corridor down the middle with shops and eateries lining either side.  The inside was very modern and very commercial.  Note the ubiquitous Starbucks Coffee. It was just after 6pm, so all the food places were really busy.

The center rotunda was set up as the sitting and dining area.  It was large and open complete with an inscription proudly proclaiming Quincy Market’s service to the people of Boston.  The walls also sported the signs and names of occupants of years gone by.  The brick wall helped to give a sense of warmth and age to this part of the building.  The corridor felt a little whitewashed with its commercial presence.

There were souvenirs aplenty here.  I perused a t-shirt stand that had some unique Bostonian themed clothing.  I ended up not laying down any money, but the t-shirts may be of interest to some people.  Also in the Quincy Market is a complete mock-up of the Cheers Bar as seen on TV.  This is not the original Cheers bar which is across from the Boston Common.  The line up was really long to go in and we weren’t all that eager to wait for a canned experience of Cheers.  So we skipped out on it.

There are also two halls that flank Quincy Market – the North Hall and South Hall.  We found ourselves gravitating towards the Christmas Store in the South Hall.  A couple of my coworkers collect Christmas ornaments wherever they travel.  Some people collect Christmas ornaments and I collect transit smart cards.  To each their own.

With the Quincy Market done in our books, we started to make our way to the North End in search of dinner.  And of course, we had to have Italian if we were in the North End.

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