Walking Boston – Fenway Park

A new day meant more walking. This fine Monday morning, the sky had stopped crying and I was able to get around without worrying about an umbrella.  First on today’s agenda was Fenway Park.  The grand old ballpark is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  I was hoping to actually catch a game at Fenway, but I believe I was a week or two too early for the Red Sox home opener.  I guess I just had to settle for the walking tour.

I took the bus from Cambridge over the Charles River to Commonwealth Avenue.  It was really quick.  It was much quicker than me taking the subway and changing trains.  I was at the corner Commonwealth and Massachusetts sooner than I knew it.  I walked down the scenic boulevard of Commonwealth Ave to Brookline.  That’s where I made a left turn for Fenway Park just on the other side of the turnpike.

I got my $11 tour ticket from the box office and walked over across Yawkey Way to the Pro Shop.  This is where the tour actually starts.  An elderly gentleman was keeping the waiting tour patrons with his own style of stand up comedy.  He had plenty of puns to toss out and then some.  It was all in good fun.

The tour started at the top of the hour.  There were around 20-30 people in our group.  Most people were from the US.  There was a couple from Vancouver, BC that happened to be in the tour too.  Then a couple of Brits, as well.

The tour guide gave us a little history about the park.  He talked mainly of the original builders and owners, and then of saving the park over the years.  I won’t go into detail here because I can’t keep all the history straight in my head at this point.

We got to walk out among the grandstand seats, but we weren’t allowed out on the field.  Opening day was a week or so away, so the Red Sox organization were busy with preparations on and off the field.  After a brief stint in the grandstands, they took us into the Away Team Dressing Room.  It was a dressing room. There’s no real wow quality to it.

Then they took us up through the back of the grandstand through the concessions and up towards the Green Monster seats and the commentary box.  These were some more exciting spots than the Away Team dressing room.

The Green Monster seats sit atop Fenway’s famed giant green wall, the Green Monster.  These are some of the best seats in all of baseball.  The seats are 37 feet above the ground below and are between 310 to 315 feet from home plate.  The view up there is awesome.  I would love to be able to sit here during a game, or even better, catch a home run ball here.  But I’m sure the tickets aren’t cheap.

Then we made our back to the Press Box that sits high above home plate.  Here is where we find the offices for the Boston Red Sox organization along with rows and rows of chairs and tables for the media.  I guess this is where NESN and ESPN set up shop when broadcasting Red Sox games.  I bet some of the Japanese media come here when big name Japanese players are in town.

And that was the tour.  It was fun to have a peek behind the scenes and to sit in seats I would never ever be able to afford.  Also, you could see all the final preparations for the 2012 season happening.  People were installing new flat screen televisions all over the park.  There was also a lot of painting going on. If you ever wanted to paint your room the same colour as the Green Monster, go to your paint store and ask for Fenway Fence Green.  Just check out the label on the paint can.

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