Boston – Samuel Adams Brewery

After a long walk from Fenway Park to Massachusetts Station on the Orange Line, I hopped on the T to Stony Brook Station.  One of my must-dos for my trip to Boston was a visit to the Samuel Adams Brewery.

The brewery was a short walk through a residential neighbourhood from the T station.  Along the way, I unexpectedly encountered an art school just a block away from the Brewery.  There were a lot of weird metal junk sculptures in the school parking lot.  However, the unicorn sculpture really stood out and caught my eye.

The tour is free and you do have to arrive early to get a good spot.  I was a little late to this one, so I was in the back of the group. There were easily 40 people in this tour.  I was pretty happy with my ticket, though.  It’s a bottle label for their Irish Red.  Sweet.

The first part of the tour turned out not to be so interesting for me.  I was stuck in the back of this large, large tour group.  Our guide was talk at the front, but she could only project her voice so much.  She was doing a good job, I’m sure.  It’s just that I and the people around me weren’t within earshot of her speech.  So we were left to our own devices to look at the stuff around us.  Also because the brewery is busy, we were really allowed close to all the vats and barrels.  We were kept to the edge and didn’t really see how they create the beer.  Our guide told us about the whole process, but I could only cobble together a few words here and there.

The more exciting part of the tour is when they ushered us all into the Samuel Adams tasting room.  Now, I could hear our tour guide clearly.  She talked about the Jim Koch, the found of Samuel Adams Brewery, and how he had taken an old family recipe and started the brewery back in 1984.  The Brewery’s website has a good summary of the origins of Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

The room was decorated in beer and Samuel Adams paraphernalia.  There was a wall of beer plates celebrating different beers including the Samuel Adams.  There was another wall full of license plates from across the USA.  All of which paid homage to Samuel Adams.

We all got a small glass tumbler when we sat around the big tables.  Then our guide and her assistant promptly poured jug upon jug of Boston Lager out for all of us to sample.  She said this is the part of the tour that everyone loves. I can see why.  For me, though, I had arrived on an empty stomach because I hadn’t eaten anything since leaving my Airbnb hosts’ place.  It was already 1:30pm.  Sure enough, after our third and last sample of beer, I was already feeling tippy.  Empty stomachs and beer just don’t mix (unless tippiness is the result you’re looking for).

So that was the end of the tour, but it certainly wasn’t the end of the fun.  Samuel Adams Brewery has a deal with a local watering hole, Doyle’s, that if you grab lunch with a beer at Doyle’s, then you get to keep your lager glass.  So after loitering in the gift shop and not getting anywhere fast because of the crowds, I duly stepped outside and hopped onto the Doyle’s shuttle bus trolley.

This must be the funkiest trolley in all of Boston.  No wonder it’s labeled “The Original Party Trolley of Boston.”  It was decked out with disco lights and neon trim lighting.  The driver had his Neil Diamond blaring on the speakers.  And as he approached intersections, he would give his accentuated take on a simulated ABS system.  It was rocking, literally.  I had to hold on tight because all the seats were already taken.

Doyle’s Cafe and Bar has been around since 1882.  It’s a very homey feel inside and you can see the age in parts of the bar.  However, it’s really got a character all its own.  What’s important, though, is the food.  At this point, I was so hungry that I could have eaten a bison.  So that’s what I ordered, a bison burger.  Oh yeah.  That really hit the spot.

So with lunch all done, I was really satisfied.  I washed it all down with a Samuel Adams Irish Red.  Boy that glass looks pretty when it’s filled with some brew.  Bison.  Eaten.  Beer. Drunk.  Glass. Mine. 🙂

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