Goodbye Ormidale Street

Ormidale Street is a little known street just one block west of Boundary Road. That makes it the last street before eastern edge of Vancouver. A new project is about to go up at Kingsway and Boundary. The giant wooden signs proclaiming the upcoming Wall Centre Central Park.

But back in February this year, I had a chance to walk up and down Ormidale Street after a rare dusting of Vancouver snow. Almost all the homes along Ormidale between Vanness Avenue and Kingsway were boarded up. The snow and boards added to the mood of the impending deconstruction.

All of these homes in the mashup above are gone except for the ambulance station. The station is just too essential to get rid of just yet. It makes me wonder what will happen to the ambulance service for the neighbourhood when construction starts.

A few weeks later with all the snow gone, I walked past the now demolished homes. Huge white garbage bags could be found on some lots. It looked like they were left for the Green Giant to pick up and take to the landfill. I must say I loved how they left the stairs of one home. Even that is gone now. Almost all the homes on the Boundary side are also gone. The next step for the giant piece of land will be excavation.

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