Walking Vancouver – Strathcona in March (2)

After walking from Dunlevy and Hastings to MacLean Park, then onto Hawkes and Prior, we crossed busy Prior Street to the Strathcona Community Gardens.  These gardens are very well used.  On a sunny day like this day, it was full of community gardeners tending to their tiny little plots.  It seems like the local gardeners knew each other and were sharing tips and stories of how their plants were growing.

We made our out of the gardens and up to Atlantic Avenue (I always think of Monopoly when I see this street name) and made our way back over to the north side of Prior.  There were more houses, small apartment building, repurposed buildings, and an awesome tire swing. Tire swings are the perfect piece of nostalgia for any neighbourhood.

After looping around the block a few times, we passed a colourful mural on the community centre wall, a church in the midst of a resurrection as a residential home (that’s why we found a detached spiral staircase in a parking lot), and the Eiffel Tower standing over somebody’s garden.

You just never know what you’re going to find when you just go out for a walk.  After a long walk and plenty of sunshine, we were all very thirsty and walked to a nearby cafe just outside of Strathcona.  Bonus points if you know where you can find Daffy Duck sitting on the window ledge of a red-brick building.  The hint is that he’s not in Strathcona, but is on a ledge above the cafe we went to just outside Strathcona.  I wonder if they take him in when it rains?  He was still there on the ledge when I passed by a couple of weeks ago on a different walking tour.

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