Calgary Sunday

We started our morning with our friends in search of free flap jacks. An error on my part in reading the times lead us to arriving too early at a church in the northeast sector of Calgary. Then an iOS app error pointed us to the Calgary Tower instead of a free flap jack venue.

We abandoned our search for free flap jacks in flavour of paid food. We ended passing a restaurant along 4th Street SW. There was a line up as we drive past. A long lineup must be a good sign.


Red’s Diner was a good stumble upon. Since we couldn’t have free flap jacks, I absolutely wanted a pancake plus more. So I ordered the Big Breakfast.

20120716-222434.jpg 20120716-222447.jpg

After breakfast, we headed to the Calgary Zoo. We had spent about a couple of hours in the zoo when the sky opened up. I think somebody left the tap running. We were really soaked as we ran from tree to tree and from exhibit to exhibit.

So we got back in the car after seeing the aminals (error intended) and started our drive to our friends’ place in Edmonton. A normally 3-hour drive to the Alberta capital took over 4 hours in the heavy rainfall and heavy traffic. It was a parking lot at times and I couldn’t see more than a couple of cars in front of me.

What a Sunday.


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