West Edmonton Mall

My return to Edmonton and West Edmonton Mall. I used to go to this mall a lot as a small kid in the 80’s. It was quite the place to visit when I was young. When I revisited the mall in 2001, the mall felt old and outdated in spots. A lot of the stores would repeat themselves as you walked the mall. It was still 80’s like in many parts.


This was the first time my wife has visited Edmonton and the mall. So I got to show her around. A lot of renovations had taken place, especially in the middle section of the mall. The oldest part was still very 80’s. The best improvement was the bigger variety of shops. The American retail invasion is really apparent. There’s even stores in West Edmonton Mall that we don’t have in Vancouver. I’d say West Edmonton Mall is way better than my last visit in 2001.


The big attractions like Galaxyland, the World Waterpark, the Ice Palace and Bourbon Street are all still there. So there’s plenty of ways to blow your money in the mall still. A day at the Waterpark was over $36 for the day!! At least window shopping is still free.


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