Summery September Cycling

With the Vancouver summer extending deep into September, it’s been a great chance to bike to work.  Usually, by this time of year, we are already covered in a blanket of grey.  However, this year, we’ve been blessed with a warmer and drier than usual September.  Even the leaves are only starting to change colour now.  In some previous years, the trees are turning autumnal at the end of August.  I can’t believe we are still hitting highs above 20C in the middle of the day

This great weather makes my 11 kilometre cycling commute a lot easier to enjoy.  The only thing I don’t enjoy is the elevation change that I have to deal with.

It’s okay going to work, but my commute home is not so fun.  My RunKeeper tells me that I rode from 40 m above sea level to 94 m above sea level.  Most of that elevation change happens around the 8-9 km mark of my commute.  Now that it’s almost the end of the summer, though, it’s not so bad.  I definitely get a good sweat going home.  Some much needed exercise to fit into my life.

Let’s hope that the summer holds out just a little longer.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

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