Fall Catch Up

I’ve finally caught up on some of my photos from the summer.  August was eventful because of a death in my wife’s family, some family were visiting, and I was just plain sloth-like when it came to blogging except for my TransLink posts.  I still have another TransLink post to publish.

So to make up, here are some of my Autumn iPhone photos to hold things over.  It’s been an unseasonably dry stretch of weather in Vancouver.  Usually the rains start up in mid-September.  However, we are well into the middle of October and the grey wet weather is only about to start.  I think it’s been the driest Indian summer on record for over 100 years in the Lower Mainland.  It has certainly helped the leaves to be more colourful in the sunlight.  It feels almost like an Eastern Canadian autumn.  But that’s all about to end this weekend with rainy Vancouver weather in the forecast.

These fall leaves blessed us with some rich and fiery red on an otherwise cold steel structure

Bright yellows reaching into the sky

sidewalk canopy of red autumn colour. it won’t be here long.


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