Road Tripping – Revelstoke Railway Museum

Revelstoke, BC – Population: 7,139.  It’s not exactly the first place you’d think about for a railway museum.  However, this tiny little mountain town does have historic ties to the Canadian Pacific Railway and the local resource industries.  At $10 per adult, it’s not a very expensive admission price for a fair sized museum complete with railyard in the back and two actual engines in the main area.

 A small area is an exhibit area with little knick knacks related to the CPR and the railway history of the area.  There are some train models positioned in dioramas.  There is one of a train going over the tall wooden trestles that were once common in the mountains.

Engine 5468 is one of the trains in the giant main area.  You can actually step up into the engine and take a closer look at the gauges and the giant fire belly that would have powered the engine.

If you are into trains and transportation, it may well be worth the stop in Revelstoke.  I always wanted to stop in Revelstoke as a kid on our summer road trips, but this was the first time I ever got to do it.  I just wish something as large as the Revelstoke Railway Museum existed in Metro Vancouver.



  1. I absolutely love the pocket watch, these little things from everyday life in years gone by offer such tantilising glimpses of the day-to-day goings on.

    1. I know. The pocket watch was one my fave parts. There was a lot more in the museum, but I just can’t post photos of everything. Plus, not every photo turned out well. I’m glad you liked the post.

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