Gordon Price is promoting a talk at SFU Harbour Centre titled “It’s Not About the Bike” I’ve been to previous talks at SFU and have always enjoyed them. However, this one is an afternoon talk on Thursday. So if you’re interested, by all means, go.

Price Tags

SFU Public Square: City Conversation


When: Thursday, November 1

Time: 12:30 to 1:30pm

Where: Room 1700,  SFU Vancouver Harbour Centre

This is a free event.


You can be sure to generate a heated conversation by mentioning “bike lanes” at a dinner party.  But what’s really going on out there?

Somehow cycling has converged with change in our culture, change in our demographics and change in our environment.  Iona Bonamis (Stantec) and Brian Patterson (Urban Systems) will spark the conversation.  They’re two consultants in the private sector whose jobs are both to understand the physical infrastructure we need and to navigate the politics and cultures involved.  To get beyond the cliches in order to discuss where we’re heading on two wheels.

To PT readers: please circulate this notice on your networks.

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