VHF Burrard Street Walk – Nelson to Davie

This is the last part of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation‘s walk along Burrard Street.  We went south down Burrard Street past Nelson Street.  Maurice pointed the two hotels near Nelson and Burrard.  There was the older Century Plaza Hotel on the west side of the street and then the Sheraton Wall Centre, which stands on the tallest point on the Downtown Peninsula.  He retold the … Continue reading VHF Burrard Street Walk – Nelson to Davie

See you later, Waldorf

See you later, and hopefully not farewell for now, Waldorf.  The Waldorf as-we-know-it closes operations today.  The whole issue has been talked about enough in the media.  So I’m not going to talk about that here.  I only visited The Waldorf for the first time last Friday on the news that it would be closing soon. So I snapped a few photos as I visited … Continue reading See you later, Waldorf