Packing for Travel in Canada in March

It’s been a couple of weeks since my little weekend trip near the end of March.  Even though, it was technically the first week of spring, it can be a little unsettled weather-wise in most of Canada.  The big exception would be home in Vancouver where it’s either rainy season or dry season.

A few days before I flew out to Quebec City for a weekend workshop, there was a large dump of snow across Central and Eastern Canada.  That meant my trip out East would require more than just a couple days of work clothes.  I had to add one winter jacket, one pair of winter gloves, and a pair of snow boots half way up my shins to my packing.  Living in Vancouver, I probably only ever use my winter jacket and boots a couple times a year.  So I had dig the stuff out and get it packed.  I can’t believe I managed to stuff everything into my little carry-on.

I was so glad that I took my winter clothes on this trip.  Even though I had missed the huge dump of snow, I was still able to walk around the city without worrying about getting snow into my socks.  I was able to frolic freely in foot-high snow and stay dry. The moral of the story is to keep an eye on the traveller’s forecast leading up to departure day.  Especially in this winter/spring changeover season in Canada, one can encounter any sort of weather.


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