Quebec City – Across the River in Lévis

After an icy ferry ride across the St. Lawrence River, we ended up in the City of Lévis.  It’s a small town built upon a ridge overlooking the St. Lawrence on the southeast shore of the river. If you arriving in Lévis by ferry, as we did, then you will need to take one of two sets of stairs up to the main town above.

You will want to make your way up to Avenue Bégin (“bay-zhen”) where most of the stores are.  This must be what Main Street Quebec feels like in small towns.  We noticed that everyone was making their way into one old brown house. The house is home to Les Chocolats Favoris (Favourite Chocolates), a chocolatier in the middle of town. We were there just before Easter (known as Pâques in French).  It was busy with Quebecois families coming to and fro and buying lots of chocolate in anticipation of the Easter Weekend.

Apart from Les Chocolats Favoris, the rest of the block looked very quiet on this snowy Saturday morning.  I could see some people enjoying a little brunch inside this delicatessen called Aux P’tits Oignons. It looks like a neat little place to grab a bite.

We made our way down the block and went back towards the river.  We came across a large church called Notre-Dame-de-LévisThere was a funeral at the time we passed by.  Everyone was milling out of the church in black attire.

Around the corner and down the road from Notre-Dame-de-Lévis was the Collège de Lévis.  The college has a beautiful building in which it is housed.  Much of Quebec City has a similar architectural theme.  I love the little towers or steeples that seem omnipresent across the Quebec landscape.

After passing the College, we made our way back towards the ferry and descended the red set of stairs to the north of the ferry terminal. The ferry ride back across to Quebec City was nice way to end a Saturday morning of walking in Quebec.


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