Quebec City – The Governors’ Promenade

The Governor’s Promenade in Quebec City was opened by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker back in 1960.  It’s basically an elevated boardwalk that’s built into the side of the citadel fortifications of Quebec City.  It offers great views of the St. Lawrence River below. It’s also one of the main connectors between the Chateau Frontenac, where all tourists seem to congregate, and the Plains of Abraham.

From the statue of Samuel De Champlain by the Chateau Frontenac, we headed up river along the Dufferin Terrace and past the Chateau itself.  At the end of the terrace, we found the Parks Canada sign marking the start of the Governors’ Promenade.

governors' promenade

My coworker had been here a few days before after a big dump of snow.  The stairs and the boardwalk were covered underneath a few inches of snow.  What a difference a few days can make.  The boardwalk was mostly bare on this day.

This evening was beautiful along the river.  The setting sun shone upon the other shore while the river lay mostly in the shadow.  The buildings across the way reflected back the golden colour onto the water.  The big freighter in the river broke up the reflected light and cast long shadows.

Below along the riverfront, there were what looked like red and green buoys.  They were items to be used in the navigation of the river, I’m sure.  The colour sure stands out in a wintery river scene.

It was a quiet evening along the boardwalk itself.  We spent some time just watching freighters go up and down the river.  The sun was setting quickly and the sky.

Closer to the end of the Governors’ Promenade, the sun was almost all gone.  The sky and the clouds were now bathed in a purple sunset.  It was pure purple serenity.

At the end the Governors’ Promenade is a gazebo and terrace, but this part was very snowy.  They hadn’t cleared this part. Plus the trail ends right at the Plains of Abraham. It’s hard to believe that the battle on this humble piece of ground decided the fate of North America many centuries ago.  So through those snowy historic fields, we trekked back to the rest of the city.

snowy plains of abraham

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