Quebec City – Outside the City Walls/À Centre-Ville

There is obviously more to Quebec City than just Vieux-Quèbec, or Old Quebec.  The Old City is what draws everyone to Quebec for all it’s beauty and history.  However, one can and should venture beyond the city walls a little bit.

One evening, we left the Old City to grab some food. We had just trekked along the Governors’ Promenade and cut through the snowy Plains of Abraham.  So we found ourselves on Grande-AlléeGrande-Allée starts from the entrance of Vieux-Quebec.  It’s probably how a lot of tourist first enter Old Quebec.  Just outside the walled city and the Quebec Parliament buildings are a whole row of restaurants and night clubs.  This area is Quebec City’s entertainment district.

In addition to the night clubs, you can find a Chez Ashton and St. Hubert.  Those are more regular run-of-the-mill Quebecois eateries.  However, if you really want to dress to the nines, then the lounges and clubs are here.  I’m sure my winter boots would be a fashion faux-pas in most of these places.

A lit-up classic Fiat along Grande-Allée marks one such drinking establishment.  A steady stream of taxis were dropping off patrons in their cocktail dresses.  Yep.  I’m pretty sure my red Sears-bought winter coat will not pass the hostess.

Apart from Grande-Allée, I also ventured into another part of downtown Quebec, or Centre-Ville.  I never stopped in Carré d’Youville, but as I passed by on the bus, it looked like a shopping area with a shopping mall on one side of the square.  Just past Carré d’Youville and Avenue Honoré-Mercier, there are the roads of Rue Saint-Jean and Rue D’Aiguillon.  These two roads had a collection of shops and restaurants. I only had 20 minutes or so on my last day in Quebec City to wander these streets, but I would have liked to spend more time here.  It’s more of a place that the locals frequent.  Vieux-Quebec is more of a tourist area and these streets felt much more local and more authentic.


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