The Beaches Around Comox

On one of my free days in Courtenay, I drove over to north side of the Courtenay River and through Comox to the beaches around Comox.  I started up along Lazo Road and slowly made my way up and around the Comox Airport.  There is quite a variety of shoreline in this area.

The first beach was the very rocky Point Holmes near the north end of Lazo Road.  The long boat launch at Point Holmes attracted humans and fauna alike.  I walked out as far as I could along the boat launch and was surrounded by the crash of waves.  The van parked at the top of the boat launch looked ready to launch itself into the sea.

The next beach was Kye Bay, which can only be accessed by Kye Bay Road.  On this day, this was the most beautiful of the beaches I visited.  It was probably the only truly sandy beach.  A massage therapist complete with her massage chair, her client, and her dog also thought it was beautiful enough to set up shop.  The massage just finished in time as the tide rolled in. On this weekday, you could also hear and see the military planes flying up above.

The last beach I visited this day was Kin Beach.  Kin Beach felt more barren.  There were spots to sit and watch the tide along this rocky beach.  The forlorn and leafless trees along the shoreline captured my attention more than the beach itself.  I could also watch the Comox-Powell River ferry in the distance heading towards the Sunshine Coast.

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