Edmonton LRT – Downtown and University of Alberta

The downtown Edmonton LRT stations are currently all underground.  It starts at Churchill Station in the east.  Churchill is right under the Sir Winston Churchill Square which is home to festivals every weekend in the summer.  It’s also right by Edmonton City Hall. The LRT then swings straight westward underneath Jasper Avenue.  3 stations sit underneath Jasper Avenue.  From east to west the stations are … Continue reading Edmonton LRT – Downtown and University of Alberta

Transit and Geometry: What makes for success

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Jarrett Walker picked this up from a TransLink infographic, and as a result it’s had a lot of play. No wonder: a perfect illustration of a key lesson from Mr. Human Transit: “All other things being equal, long, straight routes perform better than short, squiggly and looping ones.” Here’s a collection of TransLink’s most heavily used routes: And the least:… Continue reading Transit and Geometry: What makes for success

Another Compass Update

I’ve been tapping away happily for over 2 weeks now.  A couple more observations for this past week. I had a lot “Tap Card Again” errors with a giant white X on a red screen.  It turns out that I had put my MasterCard with PayPass in my Compass Card sleeve.  It wasn’t until the next day that I realized I had put my credit … Continue reading Another Compass Update

Quick Compass Update

I’ve had the beta Compass card for about a week now.  This beta test would end up happening during a time of work where I need the car to do presentations and fairs.  However, a few things that I’ve shared with TransLink already. Tapping onto a crowded B-Line proves to be tricky.  People are hugging the poles at the back doors.  So it’s hard not … Continue reading Quick Compass Update

Rocky Mountaineer Whistler

In early August, I was lucky enough to be invited for a quick one-day round trip ride of the Rocky Mountaineer Whistler.  Being a train/transit fan, I couldn’t resist and take up the offer. The ride started so early that the company actually put us up at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel the night before.  This way, it was guaranteed that all of the group would … Continue reading Rocky Mountaineer Whistler

Georgia Viaduct Walking Tour

The Vancouver Heritage Foundation does it again.  I simply love them and their tours.  A couple of Wednesday nights ago, I had the extreme pleasure of joining a small platoon of social media contest winners along with John Atkins and Gordon Price on a walking tour about the Georgia Viaduct. First off, there were the ruins of the first Georgia Viaduct.  I didn’t even know … Continue reading Georgia Viaduct Walking Tour

The Compass Card is Here!

As a selected beta tester for the new Compass Card, I am very excited to have the chance to use the card.  And here it is!  It just arrived in the mail yesterday. Apparently, I’ve received the Concession version of the Compass Card.  The back of the card says: This card may only be used by children 5-13 years, Secondary Students 14-19 years possessing a … Continue reading The Compass Card is Here!

New Surrey 96 B-Line

I may never use this bus because I rarely ever go to Surrey, but I am excited to hear that a Surrey B-Line is finally rolling out.  I remember having a transit poster back from the 90’s that promised express buses and B-Lines across the region by the middle of the 2000’s.  It never came to be.  I’m still waiting for a full-fledged 41st Avenue … Continue reading New Surrey 96 B-Line

My Switch To Trolleys from B-Line in September

As usual, the Tuesday right after Labour Day is famously the most busy day for traffic via all modes of transport across the city. I personally change my transport pattern at this time of year. The B-Line is part of my usual commute.  It’s actually a somewhat pleasant ride in the summer because it’s quick and spacious when less people are going to school.  That’s … Continue reading My Switch To Trolleys from B-Line in September