Quick Compass Update

I’ve had the beta Compass card for about a week now.  This beta test would end up happening during a time of work where I need the car to do presentations and fairs.  However, a few things that I’ve shared with TransLink already.

  • Tapping onto a crowded B-Line proves to be tricky.  People are hugging the poles at the back doors.  So it’s hard not to invade somebody’s personal space (not as if there was much to begin with on the B-Line) in order to tap the Compass card.
  • It would be nice if Compass validating machines were set up at 99 B-Line stops to speed boarding. If everyone takes 2 seconds to tap onto the 99 B-Line, then those 2 seconds are going to add up over thousands of passengers during rush hour.
  • I’ve only had two errors with card readers.  Once was on a trolley bus that I was disembarking.  It flashed a red Attention sign telling me to contact customer service.  The other time was at the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station where the gate’s sign told me that there was a card reading error.  However, I tried again and my card worked the second time.
  • I’ve been using a thicker sleeve with my Compass card.  Think luggage tag thickness.  My card has mostly been working okay.  The card error I got before may have been due to my car2go card being in the same sleeve.  Not sure at this point.  I will need to check it out some more.
  • My next goal:  I want to see if the Compass card will work in my card sleeve at the bottom of my bag.  This is my goal because I’ve seen it all the time in Hong Kong.  Women in Hong Kong never remove their Octopus cards from their purses.  They just place their purses on the card reader and Voila!  The card is read and the gate opens.  I want to see if the Compass card will work inside a bag.

So far so good.  I’m also waiting to see what Compass Card testing “event” will be sent our way.  Later.

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