Compass Beta Test is officially over, but …

The Compass Beta Test is officially over as of yesterday. Here’s a few notes from the last week.

    I was able to tap my card through my backpack a couple of times. I had to keep my card in a more exterior pocket and I only ever tried it on the SkyTrain gates. It would have looked and felt awkward to “tap my bag” on the bus readers, especially the rear door readers that are shoulder level for me.

    After removing all other NFC media from my card sleeve (ie. credit cards, car2go member card), I had way less “Tap Card Again” errors. So the other near field wireless in cards can interfere with each other.

    On October 1st, my card got updated with my first tap of the day. The reader said “*Card Updated*”. So in the future when the card is reloaded with another monthly pass, I assume that the cards automatically update with the first tap of the month

    Today is technically not part of the beta test period, but I still used the card today. My card had a cash balance that I never used. So when I tapped today, there was no longer a monthly fare left. The card automatically switched to my cash balance. So now I am seeing two lines each time I tap out. One is the deducted amount and the other is the remaining balance.

    One thing I would have liked to try was to use the card in an AddFare situation. I did try to travel into another zone during the beta test, but my destination was Metrotown. There are no gates at Metrotown because they are about to renovate the station completely. I didn’t notice any Compass validation machines anywhere. So I don’t know if a gate would have properly deducted the 1 to 2 zone AddFare. Oh well.

    I never got an invite to a special Compass Beta Test event. 😦

So I will continue tapping until my cash balance runs out. I guess I’m fortunate in experiencing an extended beta test with my card. Still tapping.

3 thoughts on “Compass Beta Test is officially over, but …

  1. You’re right in that multiple NFC cards stacked together will interfere. The reader will try to scan all of them, but there is a limit on how many it can scan in a fraction of a second. Sometimes it just doesn’t ever get a chance to pick up the right one.

    Metal also interferes with NFC.

    Also those old school 5.25″ floppy disk sleeves interfere with NFC 😉 You don’t have one of those in your bag, do you?

    1. That would be hilarious if I did have a 5.25″ floppy. How about 3.5″ floppies? I would think those would interfere more.

      1. It’s not the floppy itself that buggers it up it’s the sleeve! That stuff blocks NFC.

        Having said that, metal interferes with NFC. So those metal doors on the 3.5″ may cause problems too if you stack it right on top of your compass card.

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