Post Compass Beta Test Update – Keep on Tapping, Tapping, Tapping

So I still had $100 of “play cash” on my orange concession Compass Card.  The monthly pass expired on October 1st.  So I’ve been slowly using up the “cash.”  A few more observations from this past week.

  • The bus card readers and the SkyTrain gate card readers are different.  The SkyTrain gates seem to read the cards quite easily and robustly.  I can hold my card at an angle at the SkyTrain gate and get the tap in easily.  The bus readers seem more finicky.  I have to hold the card flat to the reader for at least a full second or so before it reads.
  • These finicky bus card readers may be a huge problem with the 99 B-Line.  The giant crush of the B-Line queue will prove problematic.  I already feel the pressure to get on and off the back doors without tapping a card.  With the need to tap cards will be really tricky.  Yesterday, I was tapping out and I think I tapped out, but I couldn’t hold up everyone behind me trying to get off the bus.  Again, I think we need Compass Validator machines at 99 B-Line stops to speed the queue up.
  • I’m a bit concerned about my cash balance being correct.  I wonder if TransLink will have a way for card users to access their transactions in order to track the card balance.  There was once or twice that I think I should have more money on my balance.

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