Compass Card – Cards Expired!

I had the rotten luck of not being able to ride transit for a whole week. I know that sounds like a weird statement, but a week like this is rare for me. With work and off-site presentations, I ended up needing the car a lot this week. Add in the major SkyTrain malfunction on Tuesday and I ended up driving on a day that I didn’t expect to.

So Saturday was the first time I rode the train in over a week. I went to tap and the big white X on a red screen flashed at me. Then underneath it read “Card Expired.” That’s a shame. I still had over $50 credit on the card to play with. I think TransLink has decided to expire all the cards at once. A Facebook post told me that somebody else also had their card expired.

So much for tapping. It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully, there will be some more testing that TransLink arranges. If not, I guess I’ll wait until January 2014 when I expect the full rollout of Compass to happen.

We’ll keep on tapping in 2014. Later.

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