A week of Road Pricing news

I’ve noticed that the Vancouver Sun has been featuring a lot of articles on Road Pricing in Metro Vancouver this week.  There’s been at least 6 articles in the past 4 days.  It’s a big topic with the impending Massey Tunnel replacement and need to replace the Patullo Bridge at the forefront of the Minister of Transportation’s agenda. Also, the features are meant to coincide … Continue reading A week of Road Pricing news

My Health, My Community

My Health My Community is a new non-profit partnership between  Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Fraser Health and the eHealth Strategy Office at UBC.  It is running a survey to learn more about our lifestyle, environment, and neighbourhoods affect our health over time. The information gathered will be used to shape programs and community services in the respective health authorities. If you are 18 years or … Continue reading My Health, My Community

SkyTrain Station Upgrades

If you travel along the Expo Line in Metro Vancouver, you may have noticed some major station upgrades underway.  The most obvious upgrade at this moment is happening at Main Street Station.  However, big changes are also afoot at Metrotown Station. Main Street Station has been under renovation for the past few months. The whole east end of the station has been cut off under … Continue reading SkyTrain Station Upgrades

Compass Card and the loss of the Employee Pass Program

So the end is nigh for FareSaver tickets and the Employee Pass Program.  I personally will not miss either.  I would much prefer to have a Stored Value on my cards.  However, the loss of the Employee Pass Program may be larger than expected.  At least, that’s what I imply from Todd Litman’s research on Local Funding Options for Public Transportation [PDF]. Of all the … Continue reading Compass Card and the loss of the Employee Pass Program

VHF Yaletown Walking Tour

The Walking Tour season for Vancouver Heritage Foundation has just finished.  If you would like to go on these tours, contact the Foundation or check their website some time next year to see what tours they have in store for us in 2014. Here’s the last of the 3 walking tours for 2013 that I attended. We started off this Friday afternoon at the Roundhouse … Continue reading VHF Yaletown Walking Tour