Compass Card Chat

I had a chat with a bus driver the other day. I noticed he had a new screen for his cash box. He said that drivers won’t be managing any of the Compass Card fares. He says that many of the readers are pointed away from the drivers. Drivers won’t be able to know what kind of Compass Card a passenger is using. So drivers definitely won’t be policing Compass Card use.

He said there may be more security folks on and off the buses to do spot checks of passengers. They’ll likely carry handheld Compass Card readers to see if somebody has properly tapped onto bus and to see if they’ve tapped off early when they shouldn’t.

The old cash boxes are still going to be used, but the driver told me that the machine will now issue Compass Card compatible tickets. In other words, they will be issuing mini RFID type cards that will allow cash payers to go through the SkyTrain station gates. There was some controversy before that somebody coming off the bus may have to pay again when they get to the SkyTrain. That problem will hopefully be fixed if this report is true.

So interesting tidbits from a bus driver. Let’s see how much of this comes to pass in a couple of months.

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