Hong Kong Real Estate

I found this full episode of Buying Asia on YouTube talking about the Hong Kong real estate market from an expatriate’s view. It may be a 2 year old video now, but I think it’s a good look at Hong Kong’s crazy real estate market.  Hong Kong is often touted as one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. In central Hong Kong, prices are easily USD$2000 per square foot. Then there’s the USD$4 million fishing village homes.  Pretty astronomical.

However, the show doesn’t really cover the neighbourhoods where most of Hong Kongers live.  The show focuses on areas where ex-pats might want to buy/invest.  However, even cheaper neighbourhoods could run HKD $3-4 million for a typical 400-500 square foot flat.  That’s about USD $350k-500k.  That’s still not cheap, but it certainly makes Vancouver look like a bargain. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong Real Estate

    1. I haven’t looked to see if they featured Shanghai on that show, but I’m pretty sure it’s crazy in Shanghai. I think there’s probably more of a real estate bubble in China than in HK though.

      1. I’ve heard quite a few people talk about the real estate bubble in China, and that if it were to burst the world would sink even more than when the US had the financial collapse in 2007/2008.

      2. There’s apparently a few overheated real estate markets around the world. China is one. Canada is another one. Because of the many Mainland Chinese investors looking for safe havens for their money, a lot of their money has come out of China into places like Hong Kong, Sydney and Vancouver. So if China bursts, some of other cities’ markets may burst and may also spark a collapse.

        Also, many Mainland Chinese tourists are starting to trot the globe. If China’s market goes to pieces, then these tourists will stay home. That could affect a lot of tourist areas and their economies.

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