Toronto 2013 – Kensington Market

After my visit to the AGO, I had to make my way to the hostel that I booked for my last night in Toronto. I wanted to spend an extra night in Toronto to just see a little bit more.  The hostel was all the way on College and Augusta.  I had to make my way from Dundas and Beverley to get there.

AGO to Planet Traveler

However, along the way, I decided to walk through the Kensington Market.  It was a warm end of September afternoon and the street was busy.    It was car free Sunday and people were in the middle of the street dancing and just enjoying themselves.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take many pictures of the day time buzz because I was rushing to check into the hostel.

I did, however, manage to talk to somebody at the car2go tent.  So apparently, any Canadian car2go member can use a car2go car in any other Canadian city.  Good to know since there’s car2go in 3 Canadian cities now. However, the rules surrounding parking differ from city to city, so you’ve got to read the fine print.

So later that night, I came back out after dinner.  Augusta Avenue had quieted down a lot and the shops were mostly closed, but there was at least one band playing in the drizzling rain.  I took advantage of nightfall to try more long exposure photography.

Previously on metrobabel:

At the end of September, I had the chance to be in Toronto for a work-related meeting.  The weather in Vancouver had already an added crispness while Toronto was still hovering in the low 20’s and high teens for temperature.

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