Toronto 2013 – College Street at Night

For my last night in Toronto, I stayed at Planet Traveler hostel. It’s on College Street near Augusta Avenue and just at the edge of the Kensington Market.  I do recommend staying here.  The shared accommodation is cheap, clean and comfortable.  It has the 3 C’s of hostelling that are hard to come by.  It has free WiFi and free breakfast.  Hard to go wrong with free breakfast.  I just needed the one night, so I only got to know my roommates for a short while.

Planet Traveler

One of the other great things about the hostel is the rooftop patio.  It has a great view of Toronto.  Apparently I just missed a big party on the night before.  The owner said he never had such a busy party where you could barely move around.

the view from atop Planet Traveler

However, to take advantage of my last night in Toronto, I decided to just walk down College Street and take some more long exposure photographs.  Again, I didn’t have a full tripod with me.  I only had my GorillaPod DSLR-Zoom.  So many of photos are actually taken from “foot-level” instead of eye-level.

The photos below are all taken along College Street from Augusta Avenue to Ossington Avenue.

College Street in this section is also home to Little Italy and Little Portugal.  You can imagine that these two neighbourhoods must be hopping during the World Cup and UEFA Championships.

One thing I noticed as I walked up and down College Street was that all the restaurants were still pretty busy.  It was a Sunday night and Monday is a work day for most people.  However at 10pm at night, the restaurants were still bustling.


Previously on metrobabel:

At the end of September, I had the chance to be in Toronto for a work-related meeting.  The weather in Vancouver had already an added crispness while Toronto was still hovering in the low 20’s and high teens for temperature.

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