In Transit – The Union-Pearson (UP) Express

On my last trip to Toronto, I actually could see part of the construction of the new express train station at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. It’s due to open in Spring of 2015 in time for the Pan-Am Games. It looks pretty exciting to me. 25 minutes to downtown Toronto would be way better than the current 60 minute ride by the Airport Shuttle Bus.  Add that to my transit checklist. Here are some pictures/renderings from the Union Pearson Express site.

UP Express from Pearson International Airport to Union Station in downtown Toronto
Union Station (metrolinx)
Bloor-Dundas Station (metrolinx)
Weston GO Station (metrolinx)
Pearson Airport Station (metrolinx)

The UP Express will be using diesel multiple unit (DMU) trains, but the plan is allow for electrification of the line in the future.  It will run on the current GO Kitchener rail line and then branch off on a spur line towards Pearson International.

DMU Vehicle for UP Express (metrolinx)

So if I am in Toronto for 2015, I will be buying a ticket for this sweet ride.  Maybe I’ll also finally pick up a Presto smart card.


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