Christmas in Hong Kong 2013

I’m finally back on the blogging ball after a hiatus. As you I mentioned before, I was going to be spending my Christmas in Hong Kong. More accurately, I spent my Christmas Day literally with Air Canada in the air on my way to Hong Kong.  I didn’t actually arrive in the territory until the evening of Boxing Day.  Christmas may have passed, but there was still plenty of joy around the city.

Swarovski crystal Christmas tree at the airport

One thing I would say about Christmas in Hong Kong is that Christmas is everywhere.  Cartoon decorations of all sorts can be found across the city, especially in all the large shopping centres.

I was travelling with my sister this time and she had already researched that there was a big Hello Kitty display on at Langham Place in Mong Kok.  Disclaimer: my sister is not a Hello Kitty fan, but her daughter certainly is.

Hello Kitty in Russia at Langham Place
Badz-Maru serving vodka on the rocks to minors?
Little Twin Stars winter scene
Hello Kitty X Sugarman promotion

We also found some decorations over at Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong.  Festival Walk is also one of the few shopping centres in Hong Kong that also boasts an indoor skating rink.

Christmas Tree at Festival Walk
Festival Walk Ice Skating Rink

Also on the Kowloon side at Harbour City, there were huge Disney-themed decorations. This area had the most tourists visiting from Mainland China for the weekend. OMG. It was so crazy and busy.  You can tell by all the heads I tried unsuccessfully to crop out of my images below.

Disney Christmas at Harbour City
Stitch in Santa wear
Christmas tree of Disney plushies

In keeping with another shopping centre in Kowloon, Olympian City could not be outdone with their large atrium display for Christmas. No cartoon sponsorship here, but they were definitely aiming for a Candy Land theme.

Candyland Christmas display at Olympian City

The Christmas decorations extend outdoors too.  There’s no escaping if you’re a Scrooge in Hong Kong. Christmas images in lights are common on Hong Kong buildings and skyscrapers as most of these images are likely sponsored and/or promote the building themselves. It’s like a huge competition across the city to try and out-do all the other buildings in town.

Tsim Sha Tsui East Christmas lights
1881 Heritage Christmas Angels display

And that’s just a smattering of all the Christmas displays in Hong Kong.  It’s almost dizzying looking at all the holiday decorations.  It was my first time in Hong Kong during the holiday season and the city did not disappoint. Now if I only I could avoid the crowds.

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