LCx at Harbour City

One of my days in Hong Kong, my family and I ventured down to Harbour City on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong.  The entrance is right by the Star Ferry pier on the Kowloon side.  It’s a large complex that comprises of a cruise ship terminal and shopping. This is Hong Kong after all.  There’s shopping almost everywhere you go. So if you are a classic mall rat and love to gawk at commercialism at its pinnacle, then Harbour City is not a bad place for you to start.

What interested me more at Harbour City was at the very end of the elongated Ocean Terminal portion of the shopping complex.  At the end is LCx.  It’s a vibrant mix of little shops and trendy name brands.  It’s worthwhile to go through just for the eye candy and watch young Hong Kong spend their money.


However, what really drew me into this area is the Donguri Republic store.  No, it’s not a Banana Republic knockoff store.  It’s a store dedicated to the movies and merchandise of Hayao Miyazaki and his Ghibli Studios.  Ghibli has often been called the Disney of Japan by Western observers, but they don’t just produce animated children’s movies. Ghibli movies can be appropriate for children and most of the movies have a magical quality that truly appeals to children. However, many of the movies can deal with deeper themes of belonging, life and death, the environment, and coming of age.  Admittedly, though, this store is more focused on the commercial side of the films. Plenty of plushies and figurines to fawn over here.

Donguri Republic
Giant Totoro

I have watched most of the Ghibli films.  So I enjoyed coming here and seeing all the neat stuff available.  Unfortunately, with my small travel budget, lack of space at home and a dropping Canadian dollar, I didn’t pick anything up here.  However, my sister-in-law already has a few of the little Totoro figurines at home to enjoy.

Tiny Ghibli figurines

Further into LCx, there was a variety of other stuff to buy.  There was plenty of American representation with American Eagle Outfitters and Starbucks. There was a lot of the Asian shopping fare common throughout Hong Kong.

Kiosks inside LCx
Knick-knacks and plushies galore

I also found some products that are iconically Hong Kong. There were the cartoon piggy dolls from the Hong Kong cartoon/comic, McDull. It’s about a not-so-bright and fairly food-minded pig child growing up in a quirky kindergarten full of animal classmates.  You have to watch it to understand, but I think most of the dialogue would get lost in translation.

McDull, McMug, and friends

And lastly, there was the Rubber Duck that made a big splash in Hong Kong in the summer of 2013. The giant Rubber Duck made its visit to Victoria Harbour and a whole market for rubber duckies opened up. No shortage of rubber ducky products at LCx.

[Those from Vancouver will be familiar with the giant inflatable ducks at the Richmond Night Market.  The real thing was in Hong Kong, but the Night Market tried to capitalize on the craze.]

Rubber ducks of all shapes and sizes

And if you’re done shopping and need to catch a cruise ship somewhere, then you just need to go one floor down to the cruise ship terminal.  Plenty of folks travelling back to Mainland China and other destinations from here.

The cruise ship terminal below LCx

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