Video: Andrew Coyne lecture for “Rethinking Transportation”

I was hoping to make this talk last Friday, but work called me in to cover. I’m very happy to see that Gordon Price has blogged about the lecture complete with the 1h 06m 43s video of the lecture. Yeah! Thanks, Gordon.

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Andrew Coyne’s February 25 lecture, “Easing Congestion in Metro Vancouver: Prices without Subsidies“.


And while we’re here, for your consideration.


This new online program is designed to help mid-career professionals use next-generation transportation strategies to advance livable and sustainable cities of the future. Program applications are due July 29. Please note a special offering of the first course in the program, Next Generation Cities and Transportation, starts April 15.Certificate Details

Next Generation Cities and Transportation

Starts online April 15.


The first course in the Next Generation Transportation Certificate provides a foundation in the principles and practices of next-generation transportation and its role in advancing liveable and sustainable cities of the future. Our current transportation system will undergo significant change, responding to climate, energy, technology, and cultural and economic shifts. Next-generation transportation anticipates…

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