Mass Transit Systems that Changed Their Cities

Gordon shares about Vancouver’s SkyTrain making the i09’s list of Mass Transit Systems that changed their cities. The descriptions aren’t very in depth, but it’s neat to have Vancouver make the grade.

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Of eight, including the Seoul Subway, the Hong Kong MTR, Washington State Ferries,  the Venetian Vaporetti, Melbourne’s Trams, Medellin’s Gondolas and the (Lost) Los Angeles Cable Cars, we’re No. 6.

From io9:

The Vancouver SkyTrain was built to reduce the amount of surface traffic in Vancouver, BC. The fully-automated elevated rapid transit line serves several areas around Vancouver, and has a very high level of punctuality. Ridership is ever increasing, and the growing reliance on SkyTrain has lead to concerns that the system may not be able to meet demands.

The SkyTrain is also an excellent example of how efficient mass transit can transform cities, as population densities and wealth have increased around SkyTrain stations.


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