Referendum: The Great Dupe

Thoughts from Gordon Price on what he’s dubbing The Great Dupe. More and more, I feel that Premier Christy Clark has set this referendum/plebiscite to fail – and fail miserably. Sigh.

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My sense of the referendum at this point: It’s becoming increasingly clear, if it wasn’t obvious at the beginning, that this was a set-up:

  • To limit municipal and regional governments tax room and expenditure, as advocated by the Fraser Institute and others leading up to the provincial and civic elections, without the province having to wield the knife.
  • To avoid provincial commitments to transit, so they can be diverted instead to Motordom (hello, Massey) – effectively reversing the direction of the regional vision and plans.
  • To get the people of Metro Vancouver, transit-users included, to vote against their long-term self-interest, even as equivalent amounts of revenue are shifted to the top 2 percent of British Columbians.

To execute the strategy, it was necessary to vilify government – the job of astroturf groups with obscure funding but direct links to the anti-government network.  TransLink, without an identifiable leader and a board without electoral…

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