Volvo Life Paint

I will admit upfront that I am more of a fairweather cyclist. If it’s raining, I hate riding my bike. Especially since I wear glasses most of the time, my vision is inevitably obscured by raindrops on my lenses if I ride in the rain. The other time I tend not to ride is in the dark. That’s why I seldom ride my bike in the winter in Vancouver. My cycling commute is usually from April to September. Why? It’s too dark when I leave work at 6pm to feel like I can safely navigate the alleys and streets of Vancouver by bike.

Enter Volvo Life Paint.

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Zurich’s Transportation

Those who follow my blog know that I’m a transit traveller. What does that mean? That means I ride transit in whatever destination I arrive. I must admit Zurich was not high on my list of transit travels. However, I am impressed by what I saw on this Streetfilms video.

I first saw the video on my WordPress Reader feed thanks to Stephen Rees. He asks the question: why should transit be grade-separated as subways or elevated rails?

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Vancouver Transportation Readings

Peace Arch border crossing traffic

As we are in the middle of the plebiscite, I’m sure the dedicated No voters have already vigorously mailed in their ballots. The same can be said of us Yes voters who are equally dedicated to the Yes side. However, I think there’s still plenty of you out there who may still be thoughtfully percolating over the issues. Here’s some more readings related to the referendum and issues surrounding transportation in Vancouver.

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Transit Funding Plebiscite FAQs

Originally posted on Stephen Rees's blog:
Maria Harris is the Director Metro Vancouver Electoral Area A and thus a Member of the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation. She wrote to me to tell of her creation of a list of Frequently Asked Questions – and of course – the answers. These are very thorough and objective. They are currently available as PDF File and will be available as a… Continue reading Transit Funding Plebiscite FAQs

WorldWide InstaMeet 11 (#WWIM11) with @InstameetVancouver

I was really happy to have participated in the past weekend’s WorldWide InstaMeet, or WWIM. This was my first Instameet and it was the 11th iteration of the WWIM. We went to the airport. There were 120 of us and we had a grand old time. I’ll let the photos below tell the story. Some great photos in there.

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What a great transit day feels like

Canada Line train parked at Oakridge Station

Last Friday, I had a few errands to run. I had in my mind that I didn’t want to take the car. I was going to end up downtown and I knew it would be much easier to not have the car hindering me while going downtown. So I decided to take a combination of the bus and SkyTrain.

In the end, I had what I would call a great transit day. It’s amazing how much can get done by transit with a little planning. It also helps to have easy access to rapid transit and frequent bus service. You see. Transit can and does work in Vancouver. And that’s mostly thanks to TransLink.

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How I will personally benefit from a Yes vote

What’s in it for me? I think that’s the most common question somebody asks themselves when faced with an election or vote like we’re facing in Metro Vancouver.  I personally don’t usually vote that way, but I think it’s a very relevant question for the transit plebiscite.

So how will I personally benefit from a Yes vote?

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