Transportation and Transit Plan 7 – Third SeaBus

Here’s the first of the projects in my list that is not a B-Line. It’s an improved SeaBus service. This is project #7 my look at the Regional Transportation Investments that will transform Metro Vancouver as we know it.

SeaBus – increased frequency and a third ship

photo by Riley Huntley

The SeaBus is one of the most popular and iconic routes in the TransLink system. The SeaBus is a popular experience for tourists who want a different view of Downtown Vancouver by traversing to North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay. Lonsdale Quay is growing with some new condos in the area. The market at the Quay is also a popular draw for locals and tourists alike. The Quay is definitely a major transport hub with many major North Shore buses connecting the SeaBus to other places on the North Shore.

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