“Our Story. Our Future”

Here’s a lovely video from Modacity featuring Gordon Price. He calmly talks about where transportation in Metro Vancouver. Where has it come from, where are we now, and where will we go depending on the upcoming vote.

Here’s a few quotes from the video:

“How and who it’s managed by? That changes over time. But the projects themselves – that’s the commitment to the future.”

That’s always been my take. TransLink with all its flaws will still be handling our transportation system with a yes or a no. The projects, however, will be set into motion now instead of later when they will be more expensive. Those projects themselves will be here to stay. TransLink can come and go.

The change needed at TransLink won’t happen in this vote. If you want to change TransLink, vote for the provincial party that will make that change. If you want better transportation, vote YES on this upcoming ballot.

“Really. It’s this generation’s question. Will we aim for a first class transportation system?”

A chance like this ballot to vote on transportation doesn’t happen often. In fact, it’s the first time in Canada that this has happened. We vote YES and change our transportation future. We vote No and we lock ourselves in for a generation with the status quo. With 1 million more residents expected in the next few decades, how can we manage with the status quo?

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